I thought I had mastered time management. I recall about a decade ago (maybe more) “shifting gears” from attempting to complete my “to-do” list, to focusing on the high priorities and letting everything else fall by the wayside. I had observed that the more senior, successful professionals worked that way, and it had become a necessity for me.

Today, eight years after launching a business, and six months after diving into the VCC PIDP program, I feel like I need to revisit time management basics all over again. I’m used to juggling a variety of commitments in a variety of domains, but I have to admit I’m struggling to stay on top of things (they say admitting you have a problem is the first step). It’s time for an attitude shift.

Infinity time spiral 15267876

I now see that I thought I might be able to complete this program “off the side of my desk”. I also see that it won’t work. Starting this week, I’m blocking off about an hour each day for reading, blogging, writing, and interacting. That leaves plenty of time for work and personal commitments, and will allow me to keep the necessary momentum in the course. I thought I learned all of this twenty years ago. I guess none of us are immune to the forgetting curve.




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