Just in time

I read a post today from a classmate regarding Just-in-Time Learning (thanks Thea!). The concept is to deliver training to workers when and where they need it. (Sabataro, 2000) In the training arm of my consulting business, I work with clients to keep their technical 5362139-sapling-at-barren-landstaff productive and up-to-date while minimizing impact to their “day job”.  Often, I’m brought in for an intense week of on-site training while a skeleton crew keeps things running. There are inevitably a few interruptions during the class because, well, things happen. I dance to accommodate, students are distracted by the work piling up on their desk, and the boss considers the whole thing a necessary evil. Not exactly the richest soil to encourage deep learning.


So, I’m working on a self-serve strategy to put my material at the fingertips of the learner for consumption in bite-sized pieces. And now I know what to call it: Just-in-Time Training. Need to work on feature X of system Y next week? Bring up the video, read the material, take the quiz, and  … get back to work!





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