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Lesson Planning Components

The following five blog posts describe my selected lesson planning component links, including my rationale for selecting them and how each will improve my instruction.

  1. Bloom’s Taxonomy
  2. Creating a Positive Learning Environment
  3. Motivational Techniques
  4. Instructional Processes and Strategies
  5. Media

Trends & Roles

My learning partner and I found our selected Trend & Roles topic, Teaching Adult Millennials, to be extremely interesting and practical. Let’s face it, the generation born since the early 90s into this internet-enabled era have been entering the workforce and post-secondary education for a number of years now.

Boomers and Gen-Xers can find these up-and-comers a little tough to figure out. Connected, yet socially-challenged. Ambitious, yet lacking commitment. Ethically-minded, yet superficial. Our research has given me a new appreciation and understanding of this uniquely gifted and challenged generation.

The following three posts are my reflections drawn from my research and web-conference with my learning partner. Enjoy!

My selected resources:


  1. New Insights & Roles
  2. Trends
  3. Web-Conference.

My PIDP 3100 learning partner’s awesome blog.

VCC School of Instructor Education Facebook page.

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